While it might seem that designer drugs or painkillers dominate the drug addiction problem, a new player has entered the scene. “New player” is a bit of a misnomer because heroin is no new drug. With a heyday in the 1970s and a brief reemergence in the 1990s, the drug once considered one of the most dangerous has regained an alarming status as a new epidemic.

The root of the problem lies in the painkiller drug epidemic running parallel to the opiate’s newfound popularity. As regulations have tightened regarding access to painkillers, addicts have turned to heroin as a substitute opiate.

Why? It’s cheaper and doesn’t require a prescription. Essentially, a lethal substance now fills the gap for over-prescribed legal opioids.

It’s a different market now, too. To begin, some of the stigma surrounding heroin usage has dissipated. Additionally, the painkiller epidemic knows no class boundaries, so new markets have developed. While usage and deaths have increased in the Northeast, the Midwest has seen the highest recent spike. Painkiller addiction extended beyond the fringe into the suburban and even small-town markets, paving the way for the heroin influx.

The scarcity of substance abuse and mental illness treatment compounds the problem. And while drugs to help prevent overdose are available, they are also expensive. Expense being part of the catalyst for increased usage, that’s a Catch-22 not easily remedied.

Should you or your family brush with this unfortunate substance, seek therapy. Then, seek legal help. Criminal charges compound substance abuse trouble, and a criminal defense attorney is an essential player to restore an addict to a healthy life.


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