Come on Ride the Train! (Source:Newson6) Did you know that people would love taking the train for some time now between Tulsa and OKC? Well, it’s not surprising to most people. Maybe not a daily operation, but older citizens would like to possibly take the train because it eliminates the two and half hour trip one way to each destination. ODOT wants to sell the railroad. There have been several individuals that have tried to stop this from happening, like Rep. Perryman. He explained that twelve to fourteen businesses will be affected if it passes. If ODOT decides to sell the railroad, then it will eliminate passenger transportation and also the business that use them on a daily basis. Citizens should write to ODOT and to the representative to push this passenger railroad and stop the selling of the railroad. This will give Oklahoma another option on traveling. Most people do not want to ride Greyhound or pay a toll every time they go on the Turner Turnpike. We can all be hopeful, that our voices will be heard and we can get our seat on the express.