Law Offices are not specifically listed as essential businesses covered by the Governors order.  The governor later came out with another EO, executive order, which listed that lawyers are essential and listed them with professionals like accountants.  Is this the Governor trying to strip away a fundamental right to an attorney?  I do not think so and here is why, although essential to have access to a lawyer, an in person meeting is often not practical or beneficial if both parties are not properly prepared.  In this immediate aftermath of unknowns a little social distancing may be good for everyone. Does that mean I can not call a lawyer?  On the contrary, pick up your phone and call.  Many law firms can put you in contact with a lawyer or can direct you to the answers to the questions you have.  Like a modern day human Siri law offices have to become ever nibbler to satisfy the wants and needs of their clients. The Corona virus has changed many things about our day to day lives.  Questions like what will happen to public pools, will bars reopen with new social distancing guidelines and are sit in restaurants a thing of the past.  Much change is in front of us but luckily the Law office and its management should not be one of your concerns.  Through technological improvements to digital files, smart phones with teleconferencing capabilities, and the web to connect not just us to our clients but to the answers we as practitioners need the future looks good.  Things like FaceTime and Skype open up the lawyer experience to real time video.  That said, imagine a day in the future where we can only have a jury via Skype.  Would you still feel like your constitutional rights are being protected?  Last year we had a scandal in the county about the software used to seat jurors.  It was alleged that the software was creating improper, seemingly biased pools based on the parts of town that it attempted to draw people from.  Maybe the most important thing to get away from this article isn’t the answer to the problems but instead as an intro into the problems that could come.   A lawyer who meets with his clients a few times over the phone at odd hours is a true community service.  What happens though when all meetings with the lawyer must be digital.  The relationship becomes strained and awfully frustrating.  Communication is key.  All a lawyer is selling is their time and advice.  At first blush the public being encouraged to reach their lawyers more digitally could have benefits for both sides.  That said, it is an incredibly slippery slope.