There has been buzz recently regarding a bill introduced that would restrict people from buying or consuming alcohol if they’ve been convicted of a DUI. Such a law could make Oklahoma the toughest state in the country on DUI.

in the case of a person convicted of operating or being in control of a motor vehicle while the person was under the influence of alcohol, order the person to abstain or refrain from consuming alcohol for such period as the court shall determine and to require that a notation of this restriction be affixed to the person’s driver license at the time of reinstatement of the license and notice of the order shall be given to the Department of Public Safety. The restriction shall remain on the driver license for such period as the court shall determine. The restriction may be modified or removed by order of the court and notice of the order shall be given to the Department. Upon the expiration of the period for the restriction, the Department shall remove the restriction without further court order. Failure to comply with the order to abstain or refrain shall be a violation of the sentence and may be punished as deemed proper by the sentencing court…

The rest of the bill can be viewed here.

The bill was introduced by Oklahoma state Sen. Patrick Anderson (R), and would allow courts to order a person to abstain from drinking alcohol for a period of time of the court’s choosing.  Under the proposed Oklahoma DUI law, a convicted drunk driver would instead exchange his license for a new piece of identification marked “alcohol restricted.”

The bill would then make it a felony to sell or provide alcohol to people with an “alcohol restricted” license. Individuals who “knowingly sell, deliver or furnish alcoholic beverages to a person who has been ordered to abstain” could face a fine of up to $1,000 or one year in prison.

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