Say the word “debt” at a party, and it’s likely half the people in the room will tense up and a lull in the conversation will ensue. It’s the modern conundrum—can’t live with it and (almost) can’t live without it. And if it doesn’t get paid, the collectors start calling. Money troubles are bad enough; most people don’t just decide one morning to stop paying their bills. Those guys on the phone make a bad decision virtually unbearable.

Put simply, debt collectors are legally barred from abusive or deceptive tactics in their collection efforts. They are not allowed to harass consumers, and there are steps to forbid them from future calls. Nevertheless, the Federal Trade Commission saw consumer complaints double in the last seven years. The companies are either fined and monitored, or, if their behavior is too egregious, they are permanently banned. In 2014, the FTC:

  • filed 10 new cases against 56 new defendants;
  • resolved nine cases and secured nearly $140 million in judgments; and
  • banned 47 companies and individuals from the debt collection business.


If you’ve fallen victim to predatory debt collectors, definitely call the FTC and report the organization. Then call us. We can help you understand your rights and recourses.

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