Does Oklahoma Defend their Own? According to The National Center for Access to Justice in New York City, Oklahoma was ranked 50th in terms of their representation of the public, poor, individuals with disabilities. How they complied their data was doing a quantitative research state in the following areas: number of people in poverty, support of self-represented litigants, support of litigants with limited English proficiency and support with individuals with disabilities. After all of these were used for each state and made into a Justice Index. From there, all the indices were made into one huge Justice Index for a state-by-state comparison. The research has been over the last three years; therefore, making it the most recent data made available to the public over this subject matter. It measures the data to a percentile, meaning a 100% score is perfect. So who is number 1? Well, the District of Columbia scored 80.9%. The number 1 state is Connecticut with a score of 73.4%. Hawaii is second; Minnesota and New York are in the top. Oklahoma as a score of 23.7% making it the lowest state in terms of their legal representation of their population. In 2015, that could be a possible New Year’s Resolution?