Don’t Speak!!!!! America is known as a melting pot because we have such a great diversity. America is also unique because of our American Indian heritage. Native Americans account for less than 5 percent of the population. Oklahoma has an advantage of housing 38 federal recognize tribes and 1 state recognize tribe. Language preservation is very important and universal to all tribe here in this state and across the nation. A young Native American high school student was suspended for speaking her own language. She attends Sacred Heart Catholic Academy in Shawano, Wisconsin. The school is located by Menominee Indian Tribe Reservation, where she is member. She was trying to explain to another student, who is also a member of the same tribe, how to say hello and I love you. A teacher over heard her and the student was suspended. The school now apologizes and made several statements about encouraging language diversity and the preservation of languages, especially American Indian. The lesson learned here is that although we might not understand each other, we do need to have respect for each other. Also, another language is not something to fear, it something to admire. It makes someone understand another perspective life. Let’s celebrate our difference and appreciate a different view set of the world.