Extreme Makeover: the VA Edition The new VA Secretary Robert McDonald announced some new and much needed changes in the department. After taking this job three months ago, the department has taken action against 5,600 employees. The process requires McDonald to build a case against each person and a judge needs to approve each firing. What led to this massive reorganization of the department were hundreds of thousands individuals claiming that they were not receiving any sort of health care. There were reports claiming that veteran’s has a 90+ waiting period for a simple office visit. During these ninety days, veterans’ conditions have worsen or even died from their medical issues. McDonald’s first action, after receiving confirmation from the Senate, was to fire four of the top leaders of the department. Before restoring faith in the veterans, McDonald wanted to make these and any other individuals accountable for their lack of dedication. The department wants to work with the private sectors to help those that need specialized care or the veterans that live outside of a major service area. Recently, President Obama has approved $16 million for more doctors, nurses, clinics and some private care. The plan set forward is a simple one and hopefully within the next five years, the VA can see improvements. The veterans are need of basic health care and they are entitled to some of the best that this nation has to offer. Theses steps will make a long lasting change and help change the view of the VA.