Fallin successfully wins her second term last night at a 56% to her opponent Rep. Joe Dorman who only gained 41% of the total vote. This will be her second term in office and she will be inaugurated on Jan. 12. She was able to raise and spend more than her opponent. It seems that Rep. Dorman had little name recognition throughout the campaign. Gov. Fallin’s agenda is to create jobs, reduce government waste and improve government for all of Oklahomans. She has help reduce the unemployment rate and she has help consolidate agencies in all branches of government. The Rainy Day fund for the state is close to half of a billion dollars. Fallin is also to oppose to big government and opposed the Obama administration in the efforts of the Affordable Care Act. She will continue to maintain these standards and build on top of her current platform. With her next term, she looks forward to raising the median income of Oklahomans by providing economic opportunities and growth. Gov. Fallin seems very determined to unite all of Oklahoma and make this state an even better state than it was before she took office. Much success to her and her endevours.