Authorities have released Joe Brown from jail after the famed television judge lost his temper in a Tennessee Courtroom.  Police released Brown under his own recognizance after denying Brown’s earlier request for bail Mondaytulsa criminal lawyer evening.  Reports indicate that Brown had agreed to represent a party pro bono in a child support case before the Juvenile Court in Memphis. On Monday, Brown motioned for the case to be dismissed, and reportedly lost his temper when the presiding judge, Juvenile Court Magistrate Harold Horne, refused to grant his motion.  Horne urged Brown to calm down, but the television personality waived his right to remain silent. The Court cited Brown for contempt of court and sentenced him to 24 hours in jail.  However, the Court increased his sentence to 5 days as Brown continued to yell as he was escorted out the courtroom.

Upon his release, Brown told a local television channel that he believed the arrest stemmed from dirty politics and referred to the court proceedings as a circus. CBS Television Distribution cancelled Brown’s television court show last year, and Brown has been involved with local politics since the cancellation. Brown is currently running for election and hopes to become the District Attorney in Shelby County.  The campaign manager of Brown’s opposition in the race issued a statement calling Brown’s behavior a “circus stunt” and instructing Brown that he “should be ashamed of himself.”  Vocal internet critics and comedians believe that any further incidents related to Brown’s arrest should be referred to his television peer Judith Sheindlin.

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