Opinion from the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals considering the trial court’s actions taken by Judge Kurt Glassco. The defendant alleged Judge Glassco committed reversible error by admitting misleading, irrelevant and/or highly misleading prejudicial evidence into the record and by failing to so sustain the defendant’s motion to quash the information with respect to an alternate charge of first degree manslaughter because the underlying crime was insufficient to support the charge. The appellate court held the jury was properly instructed and that no plain error occurred. The defendant was convicted of first degree manslaughter by driving while impaired / driving without a valid driver’s license, leaving the scene of a fatal accident, and assault with a dangerous weapon. The jury assessed a sentence of fifty years imprisonment and Judge Glassco sentenced the defendant in accordance with the jury verdict.

The decision can be found here, or at the link below.

Judge Glassco Nosak