The Oklahoma Lottery debuted in October 2005 by the former Gov. Bill Henry. Before the approval, there was much debate about what moral dilemma around such form of gambling. There was some enthusiast providing facts about the potential revenue it could bring to the state and more specifically to our educational department. In all actuality, the lottery has had a null effect on our state’s educational contribution. To break things down for the average person and to put things into real numbers, the lottery has generated $60k for each school district for each year. Of course, something is better than nothing. The state should consider readjusting the budget and not rely on the anticipated lottery money. Keep in mind, the lottery is a form of gambling and gambling is a game of chance. Gambling is also a recreational, luxurious activity. This means that it should not be taken seriously when it comes to funding a department. The lottery, in essence, is like a bonus check. In real scheme of things, Indian Gaming has done more for education and the local economy than the lottery. The status of our state’s educational system is rocky as is. Maybe, there should be a different paradigm in which the state focuses on all aspects of this problem. Money is of course a concerning issue but throwing money at the problem doesn’t solve anything. It’s the same problem with a bigger budget.