Homelessness is an ongoing issue since the beginning of modern civilization. There are different ways of tackling the issue. There are shelters that facilitate food and clothes drives. Also, some cities have programs that transition people from the streets to society. Outside of community resources, the individuals of a given place will personally take on this project in many different ways. In Fort Lauderdale, a man by the name of Arnold Abbott had decided to feed the homeless directly. Since 1991, Abbott’s non-profit organization, Love Thy Neighbor, has provided meals to the homeless. Fort Lauderdale has passed an ordinance banning such actions in hopes to rid the city of the “Untouchables.” Some people believe that his non-profit perpetuates the cycle. Abbott has been fined with some possible jail time. This man has a passion for the homeless and maybe Ft. Lauderdale should incorporate some of his humanity into their policies. The law should protect everyone and not exclude certain individuals. Before Martin Luther King Jr.’s death, his next move after civil rights was the issue of poverty. Here in Tulsa, we several ministries and organizations that help with the immediate needs of poverty. This includes marginal incomes and the homeless. Downtown Tulsa does have an issue with the homeless but also there is a huge concern for these peoples. The first step into dealing with the homeless is eliminating that initial fear of them. This is by getting to know them or maybe giving them something that they might need. (i.e. food, clothes and shelter). This creates dialogue between everyone and can start breaking down the barriers. Not say that this is a perfect model to place everywhere across American but when has getting rid of the problem help?