Mr. Krigel represents people in many different fields of law. Mainly he practices criminal defense and personal injury. His personal injury practice is comprised of people that have been injured of killed due to someone else’s negligence. If you know someone who has died unexpectedly it is important to consult with a qualified attorney to see if I can help.

Choosing a lawyer can be a very difficult decision.

The choice of a lawyer is a very important one and for most people looking for an attorney it is there first time looking for one. What is a retainer? How do I hire a lawyer? The good news is that the questions you are asking are very normal and healthy. If you reach out for these answers from this law firm I think you will find very straightforward answers. A lawyer can only sell you his/her time and his/her advice. What that means to you is that although they might seem short and straight to the point it just means they are efficient and result driven. As a first time customer to a law firm you want to put out your best impression just like you want a lawyer to take you seriously. I often tell clients to wear their ‘Sunday best’ to church because the Court does appreciate everyone taking the matters before the Court very seriously. Important life decisions occur in these rooms to it is important to always put forward a best foot.

Hiring a lawyer is much like applying for a job interview. There should be respect on both sides and an eagerness to work together. One time I asked a client why they did not hire their former auto accident attorney. Their response was at fee time when they asked how much the lawyer got the response was ‘none of the clients business.’ Certain red flags should always tip you off that there is something wrong. When your lawyer is disrespectful to you it should be a huge read flag. As the client, you are the boss.

Often the lawyer client relationship should and can be described as a captain and the boat. The lawyer just helps you steer, you are in charge. The lawyer can help you captain your ship more efficiently but can not control many factors. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced lawyer you can trust. Ask thoughtful questions like in your experience, what do you see happening. If you were me what would you do. A good lawyer is a professional story teller so if they do not entertain you do not hire them.

A typical line I use is if you do not like the sound of my voice now do not hire me. The reason is we are seconds into this relationship and if I am already upsetting you you are going to be so upset by the end that this relationship might not work out. Thinking of a lawyer consult like a job interview helps you start to think of the environment

Many attorneys will be happy to work out a fee arrangement just be willing to discuss your finances in an open way. Lawyers live comfortably but do not get ‘rich’ off this type of work. If you meet a billionaire lawyer it is not because he did it working hourly. That said I retainer fee is an agreement to pay an amount and refill it based on hourly work. Flat fee on the other hand will get your to certain positions in litigation for a flat rate. Different fields of law lend themselves to different types of arrangements. Call me today to learn more about this aspect as well as much much more.

If you are accused of a crime visit me on and if it is an injury you have questions about go to