Oklahoma Granted Aid for Meth! Oklahoma law enforcement was granted funds to help the struggle against the long waged war against methamphetamine. The U.S. Department of Justice granted Oklahoma $217,400 this week for training officers on a specific on-line database and how to manage the children left behind in these labs are creating this highly addictive drug. This online system helps keep track of former meth labs and keep public record. This is helpful when it comes time to purchase property, rent an apartment, car or even a hotel room. Also, this technology helps keep track of raw materials that are being purchased. Pharmacies already have a control system in place to monitor the sales of pseudoephedrine and other materials to manufacture meth. The problem of “smurfing” is not a new but still is an ever-present problem. Smurfing is the act of recruiting others to purchase items for cooking meth. These are people who want other things of interest instead of meth. Oklahoma was one of ten states to receive funds. The state has seen a drop of lab seizures in the recent statistics but the addiction is there. It is believe that “ice” being produced outside the country has supplied the demand of the addicts. It has been reported that 160 people died from meth usage, which was 140 a couple of years ago. The cycle of addiction is hard to grasp for everyone but at least the state has training to counter against it.