Plaintiff’s attorney in the context of personal injury work is typically representing people that have been injured in an automobile accident or the victim of someone, usually a companies, negligence in a slip and fall case. Let me first start out by saying it how I often do to other people, you do not want to be a client. What this means is I would not wish this level of injury on anyone. That said, when it happens you need to know where to turn and that is why I am here. Personal injury attorneys help you identify someone’s negligence and help you recover.

Seeking the advice of an attorney following a personal injury is extremely important. Even if you do not have a claim (in your own mind) call me to see what I think. I have found people money in ways they would have never thought of. It is so important to contact an attorney that most offer free initial consultations. So what does this mean to you? It means that speaking directly with an attorney is typically as simple as picking up the telephone.

The worst phrase to ever happen to the practice of law is a phrase carefully crafted by the insurance companies. It took decades. The phrase? Calling the plaintiff’s attorney an “ambulance chaser.” My name is Jeff Krigel and I represent people that have been injured to someone else’s negligence. If you ever need the advice of an attorney or you know someone who has been seriously injured even killed I can help you recover. Although nothing will bring your loved one back speaking directly with a qualified attorney can be a comfort in your time in need.