Pizza is a great comfort to have in general, but it is especially awesome when you get a chance to have it delivered. Now pizza palaces have become a new thing. Think about it! When you were younger, you went to a place like a Mazzio’s or a Pizza Hut on a Friday night for good time. If you look around, you see establishments that have become more of a specialty. Ask your favorite place and they specialize in something. They either make their own sauces, make their own sausages, or brew their own recipes for dough. There are many styles of pizza: New York and Chicago methods of making pizza. You like a deep dish or crispy thin crust? Tulsa can accommodate your taste buds. A lot of restaurants choose to make things in house as opposed to ordering from a distributor. Also, family recipes have become a great influence on the menu. People love hearing that the marinara sauce is old family recipe and that, over time, it has been perfected. Next time, you go into your favorite place, get to know your restaurant and the process it takes to build the great dish that you love. Also, ask about history behind your specialty pizza. There is always a story behind it. It gives the place character and adds dimension. Have fun and enjoy your slice.