Jeff Krigel is a Tulsa Criminal Attorney. This is a story of how a prior arrest in Tulsa County can impact your current charges:

On Thursday my client arrived for his last court date. He was in front of his district judge. He was there to hear the results of his psi report, does he deserve probation or not.

Sadly his attorney had to be with a family member in the hospital and asked the Court date passed one day to yesterday, Friday. The probation report comes back recommending in time and calls us a career criminal.

Although we had our first felony in 1976 we haven’t been in trouble since 1998 with a discharge of 2003. If we had gone a few more months without getting caught for meth at the casino we’d have no 2nd page allegations, information about our past.

The Judge sees our extensive past, hears probation is not recommended and puts us in jail to await sentencing when his lawyer/me can be in Court October 14th, not the 4th.

I catch all this info by noon. I contact Nathan with community sentencing and he recants whoever did the report and says we r in fact eligible. I motion for the hearing moved from the 14th to the 4th. Judge read the letter from Nathan yesterday saying we are eligible and sure enough my client was released.

Sometimes things have a way of working out.

If you have been charged with a crime in Tulsa, it is best to seek legal advice immediately. There is no substitute for competent legal advice. It could mean the difference between going to jail or home to see your family. I offer free consultations and have payment plans available.