Skiatook Man Booked on Murder Charges

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This article is a good example of how the media can convict an accused before he has ever had his day in court. The comments made by readers of the article are the most telling. One woman says, “we should put him to death and cut his hands off and don’t have him to go to trial for want he had done [sic].” While another man says, “This animal shouldn’t be executed OR simply warehoused in some prison (where he’ll basically have it made– and will never have to work for a living again)! Instead, he should be made a BEAST OF BURDEN!” Michael Stanley has not plead guilty, nor had his day in court, yet people are already calling for him to be punished, and even executed, in the most horrific manners. Nowhere does the article address the probable cause the police used to arrest Mr. Stanley, or why they named him a person of interest to begin with. It simply states that he was arrested, and charged on a complaint.

Furthermore, this is obviously not an open and shut case as evidenced by the fact that the police put a hazmat suit over Mr. Stanley’s clothing in an effort to preserve evidence.

The use of quotes by the media pertaining to the characters of the deceased is also worrisome. While the routines and personality traits of Ms. Driskell are exalted, the quotes on Ms. Fraley leave the reader wondering what exactly she did to make someone remark that “she dealt with [paths that hit her] the only way she knew how.” In the beginning of the article, one is left with the distinct impression that Mr. Stanley is the perpetrator, yet by the end of it, there is a definite questioning of the actions of the deceased. Mr. Stanley was arrested, and charged, but he is innocent until proven guilty, and calling for his head (and hands) on a platter before he ever faces a jury, goes against the very foundations of our legal system.

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