tulsa-marijuana-lawyerIn California, some school districts are seeing a surprising trend, e-cigarette use in the classroom. E-cigarettes are toted as a popular way to stop smoking, but the majority of teenagers who use them have never tried a regular cigarette. E-cigs can be filled with nicotine, a form of sugary alcohol, or even THC. THC is the chemical found in the marijuana plant that gets people high when they smoke it. In California, school officials are catching students getting high in class and throughout the day, when they are supposed to be studying and learning. The school districts have yet to add the e-cigs to the disciplinary manual because the trend is so new, but it has gained popularity with lighting speed. Many parents are concerned saying that their children should not even have access to such devices, yet they are seeing them everywhere. One parent has even said, ““They’re everywhere, every kid I see has it. They have a cell phone and an e-cig. I hate to say it, but I almost feel like I’m getting numb by it.” The trend is so popular because e-cigs allow the kids to get high without getting caught. Traditionally rolled joints produce smoke that people can smell. However, e-cigs heat up THC oil, and vaporizes the fluid that is then inhaled, and exhaled as an almost odorless vapor. One one to put an end to this trend would be tighter regulations governing who can buy e-cigarettes, and limiting the amount of THC cartridges adults can buy.

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