underbedEveryone experienced the days when your biggest fear involved the dark and the things that could potentially be hiding underneath your bed. For a fellow traveler this fear became a nightmare when on his stay he found something astonishing. According to this article,  guest Aaron Silver found the body of a young woman under his bed.

He told reporters, “I dropped the television remote, and when I went to check under the bed I found her. It was like something out of a scary movie.” The body has not been identified and the motel has asked that their name and location remain private in order to protect their business.

The business owners however, find themselves in a precarious situation. According to the medical examiner “it appears as though the body lay undisturbed in the room for about 5 years. There was a normal amount of rot and decay on the body to suggest that it had not been moved or touched over the course of that time.”

How a body could conceal itself underneath a bed for five years is beyond anyones imagination and deeply disturbing for anyone who travels. The motel has not made any formal comments but told police “they are constantly cleaning their rooms and have no idea how this could have slipped beneath the cracks”.

“Slipped” may not be the right choice of words as one of the housekeepers of the motel Anita Rodriguez, gives her side of the story. “I clean that room every day. I noticed a smell several times, and told my manager. He told me to just use extra Febreeze in the room and it would go away eventually. I always hated cleaning that room.”

Febreeze wont be covering up the damage this incident has caused the motels reputation. Motel representatives tried to exonerate their situation by stating that all of their rooms are cleaned daily, but that it is not the policy of the company to make their housekeepers check under the beds.

Charles Dyson a motel representative stated, “They do a heavy clean of the rooms to sanitize for guests, but when it comes to under the beds, they just run the vacuum around the edges. Who really looks under the bed, anyway? No reason to waste anyone’s time”.

Furthermore, police have found out records also show “literally almost 1,000 complaints from people who stayed in the room over the years. Everything from a bad smell to an ‘eerie feeling.’ Several people even asked to switch rooms in the middle of the night,” said Goldsmith. “The motel really should have checked out that room a little more closely.”

With this many complaints and discovery its hard to think the motel will escape a negligent adjudication. For travelers and the like it means those childhood fears have resurfaced with the unsettling verity that there really could be something hiding under your bed.

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