Tulsa Co. and Tulsa City comes to Agreement! Sometime back when a person was booked with the City of Tulsa or Tulsa County, they stayed with their respective authority. After the completion of David L. Moss, aka Tulsa County Jail, it has been holding city and county inmates. Over time the old City has become daily holding cell for those have court that particular day. When court is over for the business day, everyone goes back to DLM. The area becomes gray as to the cost of inmates. For the obvious reason, why does the city get a lower rate, $45 per inmate per day, when it cost the county more to house their inmates in the same facility. (Keep in mind, the rate does change when the city inmate count exceed 35. The rate changes to $54.13) The entities came together and recently decided to make a change. This does put a strain the county uses to house both set of inmates. They agreed to a 31 percent rate increase to the current rate. In addition to the rate increase, the booking is handled differently. Tulsa County will receive a full day of pay for each inmate no matter time of booking and release. All of the changes have not been completely passed. There are three more governing boards that need to approve the modifications before this takes place. It appears that everyone is in agreeance and everything is just formality.