Traffic ticket fines vary throughout Oklahoma, differing by court, county and municipality. Most of the time, the ticket fine will be noted on the citation. However, if you do not see a fine, a court appearance will likely be required. When a person has been issued a traffic ticket in Tulsa, they have two options: pay the ticket and plead guilty/no contest or hire a Tulsa traffic ticket attorney to fight the ticket and plead not guilty.

By paying your ticket and pleading guilty or no contest, you have the possibility of increased insurance rates and DPS adding points to your driving history. A person with no tickets will have zero points on his or her license. After the payment of a ticket and a conviction, DPS will assign points to your record based on the offense. Point values range from one to four based on the severity of the offense. If a person accumulates 10 or more points within five years, his/her license will be suspended. Point are deducted by two for each 12 month period in which there are no convictions of any traffic violations (violations which carry points). In addition, two points are deducted for successful completion of a DPS-approved Driver Compliance or Defensive Driving Course. Reductions for completion of these courses can be given once every 24 months.

Below is a list of traffic violations and the corresponding point assessments:

Violation of license restriction; 2 points
Reckless driving; 4 points
Careless driving; 2 points
Speed; 2 points
Speed in excess of 25 mph above posted limit; 3 points
Failure to stop or remain stopped for a school bus loading or unloading; 4 points
Following too close or improperly; 2 points
Failure to obey stop sign or traffic light; 2 points
Failure to yield right of way; 2 points
Left of center or wrong way on one way; 2 points
Operating a defective vehicle; 1 point
All other violations (excluding the violations requiring suspension or revocation action); 1 point

When a person hires a Tulsa speeding ticket attorney to fight the ticket, he or she will challenge the ticket in court for the purpose of having the ticket reduced or dismissed. Our firm has fought hundreds of traffic citations and has the experience you need to win your case. Aggressive legal representation can make all the difference in the outcome of your Tulsa speeding ticket case. At our firm, we strive to provide our clients with only the best service and representation throughout every stage of the process. We will give you and your case focused attention–providing the aggressive representation you need in order to have the greatest opportunity of reaching the best possible outcome following a speeding ticket.  Contact our Tulsa speeding ticket attorney by phone at (918)994-2340.