Tulsans! Don’t forget to vote! Big Mid Term elections are going on across the nation. Remember that every voice counts and deserves to be heard. According to Tulsa World, Oklahomans rank in lowest among the states with voter turnout, voter age registration and all around enthusiasm. It appears that there are no real direct reasons that our lovely state doesn’t choose to be political active. Oklahomans, like every state, at some point have to elect or re-elect a governor, senators, representatives, judges, county clerks and many more officials that make policies that can immediately affect our livelihood. Maybe part of the solution is for elected officials to make themselves readily available to the public. Past officials has had a presence in their community and people could put a name and a face together. It’s convenient for social media and news footage to air the campaign ad. It’s another concept when your local elected officials were at the farmer’s market and county fairs. Oklahomans should re evaluate their political attitude and come together. The voter population should show some initiative, register, inform themselves and vote. Politicians should inspire their constituents by participating in the affairs that matter in their jurisdiction. It’s easy to point fingers and place blame on each, like politicians do. That’s what we are trying to get away from is politics and get to improving lives through our political system. Vote or Die! Jeff Krigel OBA #30,953 Jeff Krigel Law Firm, Owner 624 S Denver Ave Ste 300 Tulsa OK 74119 Telephone: (918) 994-2340 Facsimile: (918) 582-1340