It goes without saying that divorce is a traumatic time for couples—and not just them, but children and extended family as well. Ideally, everyone could “consciously uncouple” like the celebs, but generally that’s not the reality. Rather, it’s a time where support network becomes increasingly important, and an attorney provides a key component of that entity. By the time a couple divorces, they usually have children who need a custody arrangement and assets that need dividing. The legal process gets overwhelming, and that’s where an attorney steps in.

To begin, most couples facing divorce aren’t thinking straight. This isn’t a dispute over a property line or even a DUI; divorce goes to the heart and is impossible to view objectively like other legal matters. Additionally, the process is form heavy—decrees, asset calculators, custody arrangements.

Each issue has to be sorted between the couple, but child custody is the paramount issue. Oklahoma requires a co-parenting class for all couples divorcing, an event that must be documented before a judge will sign a decree. That class, however, won’t provide the magic cure-all for parenting issues during and after divorce.

CoparentingIn the past, mothers generally took full custody and fathers had visitation schedules. Now, split custody is more and more the norm. That looks completely different. Divorced couples will talk basically every day as they raise children together. It is absolutely essential to line out this process clearly in the decree; any vague provisions won’t clear up later disputes. And the goal is to avoid later disputes for the sake of children. An attorney helps outline the best plan for custody and craft the technical language and legally binding commitments for each party.

Assets are important, too. Many people going through divorce just want to “get it over with.” They might make concessions that aren’t in their best interests just to end the process. That’s a poor idea—a healthy life and the ability to raise children hinge on financial stability. The law determines child support by calculation, but property (real and personal) falls to the couple to divide. This is where an attorney steps in to convince a person to be patient, to advocate for the client, and to explain the legalities of justly dividing property.

Divorce is a legal matter no one wants to face. Unfortunately, it happens to couples, and they need the guidance an attorney can provide. It will never be pleasant, but it will be less stressful when legally navigated by an attorney.

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