We have our First Asian Representative! Congratulations to our first Asian Representative for our state! Ervin Yen, who is of Chinese descent, won the Senate District 40 by a 54 percentile for the Republican party. Yen, who has previously worked as a doctor for 20 years, decided to throw his hat in the bid for race. Yen’s reason for running is because he wanted to let legislation know the realm of any health insurance policy that Congress has to decide. A little history on Yen, he graduated from Putnam City North. Upon graduation, he later achieved a degree from The University of Oklahoma. His focus is on health care and does not present himself as a lawyer. Yen represents himself as a person concerned with everyday problems and wants ensure the next generation of Oklahomans. Outside of the initial platform of health care, Senator Yen also wants to tackle education. It is simple to throw money at the issue of education but the allocation of funds is a different task. Yen believes that with mindful funding, the Oklahoma education problem can be managed. Yen also thinks that Oklahoma needs to re organize their viewpoint on standards. Like all citizens, we want all of our next generation to be raised in a better educational system that was given to us. If you have to time to wonder about our representation, check in with Yen.